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EPK National Advisory Services’ goal is to provide stakeholders of successful companies the ability to benefit from the divestiture, merger or refinancing, of their businesses.

Whether the goal is to sell your existing business, entertain additional investment or increase available capital by strategic refinancing our experienced team will enable you to develop sound strategies to maximize the value of all your assets.

If long term planning is your goal, our team will consult with you regarding all of your real estate, business and intangible assets in order to assist development and implementation of asset value maximization strategies.

Our experience is your competitive advantage when choosing EPK National Advisory Services over other investment advisors:

• Primarily focused within the restaurant and hospitality markets
• Over 30 years of industry experience
• Capital market analysis, restaurant and hospitality industry expertise
• Creativity in potential deal structuring and financial modeling
• A long term relationship based approach to all services
• Experience, Performance, Knowledge – the basis of our endeavors

We have served as advisors, consultants and research providers to market participants since 1986. Our team has performed a wide variety of advisory, research and valuation services on thousands of restaurants and retail locations in all 50 states. Our team has successfully engaged private investors, institutional investors, franchisors and operators representing over 200 chains.

We understand the complexity of the many challenges facing businesses today and our team is able to successfully and quickly meet those challenges on behalf of our clients. Our team is structured to provide flexibility for our clients while maintaining consistently high levels of performance.

Our goal is to further your success; and we understand that our performance is often critical to such success. Therefore we maintain the highest levels of confidentiality with each client relationship and endeavor to be a long term partner in your businesses success.

EPK National Advisory Services brings long term market experience and knowledge to bear which enable clients to identify and implement value maximization strategies for their businesses achievements.


EPK National Advisory Services will enable your business to achieve the maximal return on your investment through a comprehensive process designed to identify the optimal time frame and parameters necessary to value maximization. Our goal is to employ a systematic research and analytic process which will assure sellers of a favorable, market driven price. Our process includes:
• Identification of the key value drivers and the current market value of the business, understanding the client’s objectives, and assisting the client in preparing the sale
• A comprehensive Confidential Offering Memorandum is developed and prepared for presentation to parties interested and capable of effecting a successful transaction
• If required, EPK National Advisory Services will assist or manage key aspects of the bid process, review received bids and assist in the negotiations process while delivering market driven guidance and solutions
• We will assist a client through the due diligence phase while providing support in the structuring of the transaction, and subsequent negotiation of deal terms through to completion.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Many clients seek to expand their successful operations through the merger and acquisition process. These include acquiring geographically tangent businesses, competitors or a combination thereof. Our team can assist you in the process from start to finish:

• Evaluate the client’s desired course of action(s)
• Identify alternatives and conduct pertinent market research
• Analyze identified options and recommend a feasible solution
• Research finance market and outline various capital structures and sources of financing
• Support or participate in negotiation of the terms to a successful transaction and implementation thereof

Assistance with Placement of Debt & Equity

Today’s finance and lending markets are constantly changing and it is necessary that the business owner understand them in order to maximize the value and growth potential of their business. Our team of professionals monitor the markets to continually keep abreast of the various alternatives available to successful business owners. We couple this understanding and knowledge of the markets with our knowledge of your business to assure that the best mix of debt and equity financing options are considered for each unique client.

As part of the process we will:
• Identify your business and personal objectives, both near and long term
• Evaluate the business, market and analyze the relationship between the two
• Summarize and illustrate the effects of various available capital structures
• Determine appropriate level of debt/equity
• Prepare a Financing Circular and Confidential Memorandum
• Submit such to targeted lenders and equity sources, review and assess offerings and support client through the process as necessary

Asset Valuations and Fairness Opinions

In many cases a successful businesses value is predicated upon a variety of key value drivers, including but not limited to real estate, favorable leases, trademarks, Intangible Assets and Intellectual property. Our team has substantial industry specific experience in the valuation of such assets.

It is imperative when conducting any sale, acquisition, refinancing or equity adjustment that an accurate and totally objective valuation be employed in order to assure validity of results for all parties. Our team and related companies have a vast wealth of experience in the restaurant, retail and hospitality markets and are recognized as industry leaders. Our team includes a mix of CPAs, State Certified General Appraisers, MAIs, ASAs and other valuation professionals.

Our Promise:

Each client will receive totally unbiased representation without conflict of interest as EPK National Advisory Services is completely independent. Neither EPK National Advisory Services nor its Principals are aligned or affiliated with any other advisory services firm, law firm, lender or industry financial provider which enables us to represent our clients in a truly independent, confidential manner.

EPK NRA Specializes In:

Restaurant & STNL Retail Appraisal

Financial Valuation

Real Estate Appraisal

FF&E Valuation Services

Litigation Support

Advisory Services

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